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Stay & fly packages at Philadelphia Airport. Book now and save!

When you park and fly out of the Philadelphia International Airport, you’re traveling out of one of the busiest airports in the States. Bad traffic, expensive airport parking, long check-ins, and slow security processing are just a few of the perks of traveling through heavily-trafficked airports. Things can get even more complicated when you’re driving in from the outskirts of town or from a neighboring city.

Park and Fly Packages Near Philadelphia Airport

Park sleep fly packages are designed to help you park your car, rest up and get to the airport. Airport hotels such as the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center offer package deals for a cheap night’s stay and airport parking at their secure lots. When it’s time to head to the airport, you won’t have to worry about navigation. The hotels near Philadelphia airport are just a short drive away, and you can take a free shuttle to the airport. You’ll arrive right in front of the terminal with your luggage, your sanity, and plenty of time to spare.

Cheap Parking Near Philadelphia Airport

Finding affordable parking at the Philly airport is getting harder than ever. With so much demand for parking, hotels and other lots near the airport are lowering their prices for airport parkers. Make your reservation today, and you’ll be guaranteed parking.

Philadelphia International Airport Address

8000 Essington Ave, Philadelphia,

PA 19153, United States